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Angry Customer - Situational .pdf

Angry Customers - Situational Worksheet

Tools Used: Canva

Time: 1 hour

Client: Customer Service Call Center

Challenges: Call Center Representatives were screaming back at customers who called in angry. Customers were not returning business due to poor customer service. Call center representatives were feeling unsupported and caught in the moment with no idea what to do.

Solutions: This worksheet exercise is allowing the company see how a specific call representative responds to particular situations that seem to be common with customers calling the call center. This exercise also gives the call center representatives the chance to work through a situation in writing with time to consider their responses in order to put the response into practice during a phone call with an angry customer.

Results: This worksheet has helped call center representatives develop a script of their own to calm an angry customer down and to deter any unwarranted emotions. Customer return business is up by 15% due to excellent customer service when customers are unhappy.