Job Aids & Infographics

Dealing with Angry Customers - Job Aid

Tools Used: Canva

Time: 2 hours

Client: Customer Service Call Center

Challenges: Call Center Representatives were screaming back at customers who called in angry. Customers were not returning business due to poor customer service.

Solutions: This job aid is a great solution to aide representatives in assisting angry customers.

Results: This job aid assists Call Center Representatives in handling unruly customers. Representatives are reminded to stay calm and talk the customer through their problems by listening, repeating, and solving. Before this job aide the call center experienced 52 complaints a month on average about customer service representatives. After 3 months with the job aid the call center has received an average of 12 complaints per month.

What to Wear.pdf

What to Wear: Professional Dress- Job Aid

Tools Used: Canva

Time: 3 hours

Client: Online Business Trainers

Challenges: Young professionals entering the workforce are unsure of how to come across professionally.

Solutions: This job aid was designed to accompany an online course about dressing for success. The courses purpose is to help learners understand how to choose appropriate clothing for not only interviewing but for a daily corporate workday. This aid is a helpful reminder of the key points covered in the course that can be quickly referenced.

Results: This job aid was downloaded by 98% of course users.