eLearning & Presentations

Ultrasound Introduction

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline

Time: 6 hours

Challenges: A healthcare needed a course to use for an ultrasound technology introduction. The employees participating in this course our onboard for a new project within the company involving ultrasound technology. Through analysis employees were lacking the ultrasound knowledge needed to continue on with the project.  Since lack of knowledge was the problem we decided to design and develop an interactive course.

Solutions: By creating a Storyline course the learners can access the course on their own time and complete it at their own pace. This course covers general knowledge about ultrasound technology provided by the Subject Matter Experts. 

Results: This course is accessible on any device and can be shared using a link. This course can now be used without any additional man hours needed. After completing this course the employees were more prepared for the next project and the stakeholders were confident in their knowledge.

Tools Used: Articulate Rise

Time: 4 hours - including content research

Challenges: A Realty company has become concerned for their agents' safety after some odd interactions with clients. They want to offer their agents safety training. The agents are spread throughout the United States and are often on the go due to open houses and scheduled showings.

Solutions: Create an easy-to-access course that is mobile-friendly. This course offers scenarios to show the agents real-world application, for the safety tips offered. By participating in the scenarios the agents have to make decisions through interaction that allows the content to sink in. This course was paired with a quick reference job aide that included phone numbers and reminders on what to do if feeling uncomfortable. 

Results: Safety was brought to the forefront of the agent's minds. The agents were able to recall their training and reference their job aide if placed in an uncomfortable situation.