Animation & Videos

Google Slides Multimedia Insert - Software Training

Tools Used: Screencast - o- Matic

Time: 2 hours with script and recording

Challenges: Airways is having trouble connecting employees all over the world. A majority of the employees are unfamiliar with certain aspects of this platform and need training videos to help guide them in the places they feel weak.

Solutions: Google Slides allows them to work from any device while communicating and collaborating in real time. This video provides insight on adding multimedia to presentations.

Results: Employees became comfortable using the software thanks to this video and other videos in the cohort.

Business Ethics Introduction to Compliance Training- Vyond

Tools Used: Vyond

Time: 3 hours

Client: Convenience Store Chain

Challenges: Ethics can be viewed differently from person to person. This company found that five years ago they were experiencing a high volume of ethic issues and complaints.

Solutions: By creating a yearly compliance training the company's employees are mindful of the business ethics in place. This is the script for the introduction only of that course.

Results: After implementing a yearly ethics compliance training, the company has seen an 80% decrease in ethical issues among it's employees.